Christ Centered Gamer is a 501 C3 Non-Profit organization that relies primarily on donations for income.  Until we have consistent funding available to us, most of our editors will remain as volunteers.  Funds permitting, we will pay board member approved reviewers $25 per review that goes live on our site.  Until we get more cash flow there will be a paid review limit of eight per month.

What is the difference between a volunteer and a paid reviewer?

Volunteer reviewers will be able to choose which reviews they wish to submit to the site either from their own personal library or from our review queue.  For each submission, they will receive 1,000 points towards our monthly raffles.  Before given a review code, the reviewer will have to have completed two reviews from their own personal library.  The two review requirement has been put into place to have the reviewer and staff members get familiar with each other and the reviewing/editing process on the site.

Paid reviewers may be assigned games to review or can pick from our review queue at our discretion.  Generally speaking, the assigned games will be ones that have been in our queue the longest. Reviews for games in their personal library will be considered volunteer and unpaid unless previous approved by Christ Centered Gamer staff.

What qualifications are you looking for in reviewers?

People come to Christ Centered Gamer for a Christian perspective on popular video games.  We expect our reviewers to be mature Christians.  There will be times when readers will comment on the reviews and may question the reviewer’s judgement of the game or their faith.  The reviewer must be able to defend their faith and reviews in a respectful manner.

We expect the reviews to be at least 500 words and well written with no spelling or grammatical errors.  The editing process is interactive and the reviewer must be humble and willing to make any requested changes.  Our goal is to have both the author and the site shown in the best light possible.  Both believers and non-believers enjoy the quality and content of our reviews and we want to honor God through them.

What are the requirements for the paid position?

In addition to the requirements above, we’re looking for active and mature Christians. We require a letter/e-mail of recommendation from the pastor of your home church.  Believers find our reviews helpful and we welcome reviewers from any Christian background to write for us.  To clarify what we’re looking for as an active Christian we ask that they agree with these requirements and to this statement of faith.

While we have review codes for many gaming platforms, our greatest need typically is for Windows/Steam games.  Please send us your system specs when contacting us for a review position.

If you are interested in writing for Christ Centered Gamer, please contact us!