2018 Finances


Banner/text link Advertising: $0

Infolinks: 2 cents a day on average (Will be removed if we reach our $50 goal in Patreon!)

Patreon: $62 a month

Google Ads: last pay out for $102.42 on February 22nd 2017

Amazon Affiliate:$14.55 paid on 10-2017

Amazon Smile: $28.86 paid on 11-2017

HumbleBundle Store donations received $80.14 on November 2017

Minecraft Donations: $10 a month in monthly subscription donations

We rent out some server space using our half of the server at www.ccgr.net

Paypal Donations this year: $10


January 2017 income: $353.12


Server rental from Wholesale Internet $35 a month

$8.25/month for Mention.com (Affiliate link)

$14/month advertising


January 2017 expenses: $117.25 ($35 hosting, $8.25 mention, $10 Minecraft hosting, $50 reviews, $14 advertising)

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